Cloud-based media platform that consists of three interconnected parts


A mobile application that provides broadcast of video streams and delivery of video content via 3G and 4G networks

Fully functional production system

For a convergent newsroom available in your browser

Digital asset management

The Cloud-based video archive that provides flexible integration with the editing rooms and Live-studios

Let’s see how it works


A smartphone gives an active viewer an opportunity to become an «accidental journalist» and — through interaction with the newsroom — to shape the TV channel’s up-to-the-minute content.


Using the mobile application the newsroom can notify the «accidental journalist» of the event that is happening nearby .

Broadcast and recording

The application produces two simultaneous video streams: low-resolution video is streamed to the Cloud and is available for live broadcast; high-resolution video is recorded to the smartphone’s storage and can be uploaded to the Cloud on request of the newsroom.


Live-video appears on the live director’s monitor. He evaluates the importance of this content and sends it on air if necessary.

Fully Functional Production System

Video uploaded to the Cloud is available to everyone in the newsroom.

  • Video editing

    The editor selects the video content received from the smartphone, downloads it from the Cloud and uses to create an alert video for the website.

  • Web and mobile

    The SEO specialist tags the clip with keywords and prepares a text commentary for the internet alert video to move it to the top of search results.

  • Live reports

    A camera that creates two simultaneous video streams is used for live broadcast: a broadcast-quality stream is transmitted to the Cloud with a small delay via several mobile modems bounded together; a high resolution stream is recorded to the camera’s storage and can be downloaded for editing later.

  • Cloud-based video archive

    The Archiver, using a full-text search, looks through the archives for video content about similar events and adds this content to Story. Soon the videos will be edited and will appear on air.

  • Infographics

    Using templates an editor creates infographics that can be simultaneously used for Internet broadcast, for creation of a new web page or as element of the on-air graphics.

  • Convergence

    Using the convergence model you gain advantages of both: the new-media rapid news delivery and the traditional media high quality of content presentation.

Digital asset management system

The interface is easy to use and available online in your browser.

This cloud-based technology

is meant to utilize the advantages of geographically distributed newsroom and freelance models of reporting

The convergent newsroom

can work on the project via browsers in real time despite being in different places at the moment.

Store what you need where you need

using the Cloud as a single collection and storage point for the media content helps with quick search and repeated use of assets.

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